The Hanoi Cinematheque, located at 22 Hai Ba Trung down a long alleyway, is likely the only cinema of its kind in Vietnam. It has a nice courtyard cafe where you can get a beverage before or after your film (or to take into the film with you). 

Current Schedule 26 February - 9 March, 2015

For reservations and information on membership, see the summary of the Cinematheque below or phone to Hanoi Cinematheque between 14:30 – 21:00. (Tel:04 3936 2648).



Last night’s Academy Award presentations marked the end of this year’s award season for last year’s movies.  For the next few weeks we will screen some of the Oscar-winning films, along with some of the other best pictures of 2014 that you may have missed.  Carefully chosen, with many more to come.

For reservations, reply to this e-mail or phone Hanoi Cinematheque at
(04) 3936 2648.  Daily (from 26 Feb) 14:30–21:00.



26    Thursday
        19:00   CITIZENFOUR
        21:00   NIGHTCRAWLER

27    Friday
        19:00   NIGHTCRAWLER
        21:00   CITIZENFOUR

28    Saturday
        19:00   CITIZENFOUR
        21:00   CITIZENFOUR


1     Sunday
        16:00   STILL ALICE
        19:30   INHERENT VICE

2     Monday
        19:00   WHIPLASH
        21:00   STILL ALICE

3     Tuesday
        21:15   IDA

4     Wednesday
        19:00   IDA
        21:00   WHIPLASH

5     Thursday
        Reserved for Friends of Vietnam Heritage

6     Friday
        19:30   BIRDMAN

7     Saturday
        19:00   BIRDMAN
        21:00   BIRDMAN

8     Sunday
        15:00   BIRDMAN
        19:00   BIRDMAN

9     Monday
        19:30   BIRDMAN


Information about the Hanoi Cinematheque

The Hanoi Cinematheque is a independent movie theater that has been open in Hanoi since 2004. It features regular screenings of newer films and older classic movies from many countries. The Cinematheque often has themed series (such as the films from the current year's Cannes film festival or the latest crop of Oscar winners). They will also run director retrospectives showing most if not all films from a particular director. Additionally guest filmmakers are brought in to discuss their works with audiences. This unique opportunity allows cinema enthusiasts to interact directly with the artists. These guests range from local and regional filmmakers to artists from Hollywood and beyond.

The Hanoi Cinematheque hosts movies, guests speakers and occasional live events. There are approximately 90 seats total in the cinema so reserve early for screenings you know you want to see. 

The IB Film class at UNIS has established a relationship with the Hanoi Cinematheque to provide unique opportunities for UNIS Film students. These include the arranging special screenings at the Cinematheque of certain films, guest lectures from the Cinematheque's owner Gerald Herman (a film historian, writer and director in his own right), the possible creation of a student film festival at the Cinematheque and possible special sessions with the guest filmmakers who visit Hanoi. 

The Cinematheque operates on a membership system. To become a member one pays 200k VND per year and then is able to reserve seats to all Cinematheque screenings and events, usually with a 50k donation paid per event.

All UNIS IB Film students are strongly encourage to visit the Cinematheque independently, buy a membership and watch as many movies as you can! The more movies you watch, the better movies you'll make. 

The Hanoi Cinematheque is located at 22A Hai Ba Trung, Hoàn Kiếm and the phone number is +84 4 39362648.

More information about the Cinematheque can be found here and a profile of Gerry, the owner, can be found here. Gerry is a cool guy, a total cinema buff and has worked hard to preserve film from Vietnam. Thanks to him and the Cinematheque for supporting the IB Film program at UNIS Hanoi.