An Eye for Film provides IB Film students at UNIS Hanoi and anyone with a love for cinema with resources for both film analysis and production. 


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Film Class Blog

Mr. Garland's Film blog.

Mr. Garland's Film blog.

Visit this class blog often for a wide variety of film resources, news, events (in Hanoi and beyond), tips, thoughts and generally all-around cool things that I discover in the world of film and think are worth sharing. Students are encouraged to further pursue whatever they find interesting in this blog and chart an individual path of film inquiry and discovery. This blog is maintained by UNIS Hanoi DP Film teacher Jackson Garland

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IB Film Course

Find IBDP Film course information here. 

Find IBDP Film course information here. 

In this section of An Eye for Film you will find information about the International Baccalaureate Diploma course in Film. Details about the three strands of the course (Textual Analysis; Theory and History; Creative Process) can be found here along with details of the final course assessment. Please note that daily assignments and coursework for class are posted on the UNIS Hanoi Haiku class for DP Film.

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The Screening Room

Essential viewing.

Essential viewing.

Looking for something to watch? Start here. The Screening Room is a virtual film festival gallery featuring films produced by UNIS Hanoi students and filmmakers from around the world. You will also be able to access a wide range of "top" and "must-see" film lists from critics, directors, film institutes and others all over the world. Additionally, you can visit a gallery of classic and new film trailers and browse other viewing resources. 

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The following Flipboard magazines can be accessed either directly via the web by clicking on the links below, or can be accessed and subscribed to by using the Flipboard app for iOS (here) or Android (here). (Note: Flipboard is a great way to compile your regular online haunts, from social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter to websites and blogs, and present them in one place through a beautiful newspaper-style layout. Check it out!)

Flipboard: Film Analysis

Readings and resources collected to assist IB Film students in the analysis component (Part 1) of the IB Diploma Program Film course.         


Flipboard: Theory and History

Resources collected to assist IB Film students with the theory and history component (Part 2) of the IB Diploma Program Film course.


Flipboard: Film Production

Articles and resources collected to assist IB Film students with the creative process component (Part 3) of the IB Diploma Program Film course.